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How To Retire Early from Home

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Why Our Team Works

Advanced Leadership

First and foremost, we take pride in our leadership because it enables us to lead you to success both online and offline.


The V-Team has partnered with a company and its proven, duplicatable business system. With the leverage it provides, you’ll have everything you’ll need to build the life you desire.


We’ve partnered with an award-winning company that is backed by decades of science and research.

Product Lines

Even if there wasn’t a way to earn income with these products (and there is!), they are very valuable and bring tremendous leverage to you. Work with products that can be easily promoted, easily shared to fulfill a strong demand and already appeal to the masses.

What our Teammates say

(The same teammates that once came to our website looking for their solution!)


I am so grateful to align with outstanding Leaders like Valerie Viscardi. She has truly inspired me to grow to new heights and excel in all areas!

At the age of 35 and in only 6 years, I have been able to retire my previous profession as a R.D.H. and focus on living my life in full alignment with my core values! Not only have I become financially independent, I have been able to take a lead on one of my most valuable commodities and create TIME Freedom!

My income has grown to a very significant multiple-figure residual asset and, aside from the success, the most important aspect of this all is the immense level of fulfillment and impact that comes from this incredible journey of entrepreneurship.

Elisa Graci

R.D.H. | Nutrition & Wellness Specialist, Leadership & Lifestyle Expert


Valerie exemplifies all of the
best qualities of a leader in
today’s world! I appreciate her
so much; it’s been my pleasure
working with her these past few
months. You can tell her genuine
desire to support others is deeply
rooted. The skills it takes to empower
rather than enable folks in our business comes naturally to her and she inspires me everyday!

Jennifer Cicci

R.D.H. | Diet and Nutrition Consultant

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